Chris Blount


Apart from writing about us, Chris has been doing something really boring called stockbroking for many years. Happily, and with the support of his colleagues at the Oxford Writers’ Group, ( ) he gave that up a few years ago

With his wife, Liz, he also provided centres where students could sit exams (sounds scary, glad we don’t have to do them). He is also writing a novel called Blue Cinnamon which is already 55,000 words long (we think our stories of 900 words are quite long enough!).

Chris has 7 grandchildren and we reckon we have helped them to read and to learn about football and rugby.

You can buy Gaspar the Goal and Rug the Little Brown Rugby Ball at any good bookseller


  • Nettie the Tennis Net
  • Stacey the Sandpit
  • Rinky the Ice Skate
  • The Swimming Cap Sisters
  • The Wicket Family
  • Holly the Hockey Shoe

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